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Start an Air Cargo Company

Nowadays, shipping stuff might be easier. However, the way to deliver from a place to certain place might be not too different. Basically, there are two kinds of cargo which are sea cargo and air cargo. There is a company that runs this business which is also known as freight forwarding. When goods need to be shipped from one country to another country, sea or air cargo is needed. Mostly, for the fast one is air cargo. Do you interested to run International Shipping Company ?

When you want to run a business in this field, you have to know some steps to start International Shipping Company. There is nothing easy means that you have to pass some procedures to make sure your Air Cargo Company run well. There are some steps to run the business in cargo field, especially for air cargo. Since the cargo has relation with aircraft, so you need some requirements that make your business legal.


Learn the Business of Cargo

The first step to start your business in international shipping is knowing deeper on what and how this field is. Without any knowledge, there will be nothing. It applies on how you run this business. Basically, cargo is the complicated market which has various procedures and parameters. There are some aspects that must be learnt as a cargo forwarder.  By learning the trade theories and practices, international law, financial in trading, insurance coverage, documentations, custom regulations, shipping methods, warehousing, and also foreign market. Then, you have also enrich your contacts internationally so that you have to have a knowledge about the competitors and their price.

Air Certification

When you already hold most of the knowledge about cargo business, the next step is start to run the business well. Since air cargo relates to aircraft, you have to obtain licensing and certification from FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). This must be done since it is the legal procedure to operate cargo business, especially for air cargo. You have to complete Preapplication Statement of Intent (PASI) to FAA. Then, you have also write a letter of formal application contained of your name, the name of your company, and address of your company as the formal application for Air Carrier Certificate. The last procedure on how to start an Air Cargo Company is by submitting a plan on using alcohol and drug test to employees.

Airplanes Matter

After getting all the license, you have to purchase the cargo airplane. There are some types of cargo aircraft which are Merlin 4 A, Casa 212, Boeing 707, and Airbus A300. The types and how much the airplanes are needed base on your consideration. For the best recommendation on How to start an Air Cargo Company, it is better to lease an aircraft rather than buy it.




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